• Organic in Europe
    30,00 €

    Find the latest trends in EU public policy and market development across Europe in the Organic in Europe: Prospects and Developments – a new publication from IFOAM EU, FiBL and CIHEAM-IAMB.

  • David Versus Monsanto DVD
    11,90 €

    Imagine that a storm blows across your garden – and that now, without your knowledge and without your consent, foreign and genetically-manipulated seeds are in your vegetable patch which you have nourished and maintained for many years.

  • The World of Organic Agriculture 2014
    25,00 €

    1.9 million certified organic farmers in 164 countries on 37.5 million hectares and a global market for organic food of 63.8 billion US dollars is what the organic movement achieved up to the year 2012.

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